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Savage and Associates advisor, Sean Savage discusses an important question to ask when selecting a financial advisor

Have you ever considered asking a financial advisor… “How is your financial picture?” It may sound like a strange and awkward question to ask; don’t you want to know the answer? I think it is perfectly fair to place a premium on selecting an advisor who has personally implemented a financial strategy in their own life which has proven successful. I think this may be the most important question you can ask a prospective financial advisor that you are considering hiring. The reason why goes beyond the obvious.

Yes, you want to work with someone who knows what it takes to build a strong financial foundation because this is very helpful when dispensing advice. There is another important consideration though. A financial advisor who has built a base of investment assets understands personally the emotion involved with market fluctuations and will naturally have more empathy and understanding of what a client experiences through economic turbulence. This experience is invaluable.

Ask the question.

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