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April 2021

Savage hires five college students for summer program

Savage and Associates has hired five college students with northwest Ohio roots to join the advisor internship program this summer which provides formal training, access to mentors, opportunity to acquire professional licenses, and other valuable experiences.

Joining the program are the following students:
• Anna Brubaker – student from The University of Toledo, majoring in finance and minoring in professional sales (top left)
• Ryan Christie – student from The University of Toledo, majoring in finance and information systems (top middle)
• Jason Drees – student from The University of Toledo, majoring in finance and professional sales (top right)
• Chandler Fitzgerald – student from Pensacola Christian College, majoring in business management (lower left)
• Shawn Old – student from Ohio University, majoring in international business and business analytics (lower right)

“It is our honor, and long standing tradition at Savage, to work with some of the best and brightest students so they can begin their professional careers immediately after graduation,” stated J.R. Toland, president and CEO, Savage and Associates. “It’s a win-win for everyone involved, and we look forward to seeing them grow with us.”

Along with working to acquire their life and health license, the students will learn some of the basic risk products, meet regularly with industry experts, learn the importance of ensuring clients are well rounded in their portfolio of bank accounts, investments and insurance, as well as progress in several areas to enhance their industry knowledge. The internship program runs through mid-August.

Students interesting in learning about the advisor internship program should contact Liz Harmon, recruitment and practice development manager, Savage and Associates, at 419-725-7211 or [email protected].

The importance of preparation

We hear the word, “prepare,” in some form, quite often from clients.

“I wish I had better prepared.”

“Can you tell me how I can prepare for the future?”

… and so on.

It is not uncommon when something as catastrophic as a pandemic leaves the world thinking more and more about some basic necessities of life that are sometimes overlooked – and wishing they had prepared. COVID-19 has heightened our awareness in many ways. Many can lay claim to knowing someone who contracted the virus, whether a family member, friend, co-worker, etc. Maybe it was even our own first-hand experience!

It has turned the focus of many toward life insurance.

It is such an important piece in life, which also happens to be one of the services at Savage that is seeing an exponentially increased awareness.

There are those who think they are covered sufficiently through their life insurance policy at work. The reality is that may not always be enough.

In a study published in 2020 by LIMRA (an organization that helps 600+ insurance/financial services companies across 73 companies increase marketing effectiveness), and Life Happens (nonprofit providing information to consumers to help make smart insurance choices) held a study just last year. Some fascinating statistics:

  • Nearly a quarter of American households do not have coverage, and another 30 million do not have enough. (That’s roughly half of all households!)
  • The average coverage gap between what people have, and what they need, is about $200,000.
  • About 44 percent of households said they would face financial hardship within six months if the primary wage earner were to die prematurely. For 28 percent of households, financial hardship would hit within one month.
  • More than half say they haven’t purchased life insurance because they don’t know how much they need or what type to buy.
  • Six in 10 Americans say they have a heightened awareness of the importance of life insurance due to COVID-19.

    Kevin Baumeier

While these are alarming statistics, there is good news. Almost 30 percent of adults are more likely to buy life insurance over the next year. Are you one of them?

It’s more inexpensive than people realize, and to make life easier, we even accept e-signatures to ease the process.

If you already work with a financial professional at Savage, reach out to them for their insight. If not, and you would like to speak with someone about life insurance, contact Kevin Baumeier, CLU®, manager of risk services, at 419-725-7243, or [email protected].

Kevin Baumeier is not registered with Osaic Wealth, Inc.
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