Great employees are your most important business asset.

Helping them prepare for retirement over time goes a long way toward keeping them on your team.

Offering a company-sponsored retirement plan—supported by top financial professionals—is crucial to attracting and retaining top workers. At Savage, our process helps you achieve a best-in-class 401(k) plan that gives your employees the opportunity to become retirement ready.

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Our professional team approach can help your organization achieve a best-in-class 401(k) plan.

Superior Service

Our service model is designed to support all aspects of the plan from the trustee responsibilities, service provider selection, and delivering advice to every individual plan participant.

Leading Providers

You deserve a top provider with superior funds, cutting-edge technology platform, and a best-practice process. With access to more than 40 service providers, our team can make recommendations that are tailored for your firm.

Financial Wellness Delivered

Our team offers educational opportunities on important financial topics through group informational sessions, online presentations, and a library of financial tools and resources. Our professionals offer one-on-one guidance to individual plan participants (and spouses).

High Quality

We help you meet the standard of providing your employees a high-quality, cost-effective, and independent 401(k) plan.

Local Touch. National Reach.

We are your neighbor in Northwest Ohio who’ll strive to facilitate a better service model with the ability to support your employees across the country.

The Savage Team

Best Service 401(k) ProcessTM

1. Analyze

Whether you are starting a new plan or reviewing a current plan, our team of professionals will conduct an independent review and learn about your 401(k) benefit goals.

2. Present

We will present our recommendations and offer next-step guidance.

3. 401(k) Selection

Our team of professionals will work on your behalf to lead all service providers to a best-in-class plan.

4. Service and Support

Our team is highly committed to building a long-term relationship with both trustees and participants through superior service and support.

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