“To be successful you must serve—not be served.”

—John F. Savage

Although John F. Savage was a giant in the financial services industry, he was best known as a caring, practical, and humorous man. He inspired everyone he met, and graciously gave back to his community.

John Savage founded Savage and Associates in 1957 from a tiny office with no secretary. In just 14 years, the agency grew from approximately $4 million in life insurance production to more than $30 million. John was a Qualifying and Life Member of the Million Dollar Round Table and a principal speaker at conventions and seminars worldwide.

According to his brother, Bob Savage, past president of the firm, “John was a teacher and coach who was very fond of one-liners. He loved to inspire people with funny stories that offered insights into how they could overcome problems and achieve success.”

“John traveled the world making speeches and meeting people from all walks of life,” adds Bob. “His optimistic outlook rubbed off on thousands.”

John Savage died of leukemia in 1993, but the company he helped build is recognized today as one of the 100 largest insurance and financial service agencies in the United States, according to the General Agents Management Association.

The team at Savage and Associates created a tribute video of their leader and mentor, John F. Savage.


I knew John my entire life. It has been an honor and privilege to continue the teachings, the philosophies, and the attitude of John Savage at Savage and Associates—and in the Toledo community. My professional and personal life have been greatly influenced by John Savage. His infectious zest for life and the willingness to serve are what drive the organization today.

Phil JohnsonSavage Advisor

The last words to his kids were ‘Keep it Going.’ We all knew what that meant. Family, faith, hard work, and integrity. As I reflect and look at how things are today, I know he would be so proud of how his wife is doing, he would be proud of how his children and, especially, his grandchildren are doing, and he would be very proud that Savage and Associates has continued to grow and thrive.

Kelly SavageDaughter and Savage Advisor

One time, John was driving up Interstate 75 and pulled over to help a person whose car was stalled along the interstate. John brought the person to the Savage office and then gave that person his own car so he could get back to Detroit (one hour away). He told the gentleman to return his car whenever he got his own repaired. He never knew the person’s name, phone number, or anything.

Wayne MilewskiSavage Advisor