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March 2016

Savage Fit Program Serves up Healthy Fun

What better way to test health and wellness initiatives for clients than by trying them out with our own employees?

At Savage & Associates, we encourage our employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle with a variety of fun activities to promote wellness. SavageFit creates wellness programs that are designed to improve the overall well-being of employees. Using social outreach with Twitter, Facebook and email marketing newsletters, SavageFit keeps a constant eye on what is trending in healthcare and health education. A great way to keep the wellness message in the daily feed.

In the office, a challenge is always good way to kick start good, healthy habits. In line with the 2016 NCAA Tournament, SavageFit created a March Madness wellness activity challenge. Each work day, employees are challenged to complete and track specific healthy activities from three different category lists: Free Throw, 2-points, and 3-points. The goal is to complete four activities from each of the three categories every day. Sheets are turned in and become eligible for a drawing for a gift card at the end of the tournament.

Health management is a business strategy. In today’s climate, companies need plan design options to arrest and reduce health care costs. Helping employees have the tools to live a healthy lifestyle is imperative. Here at Savage & Associates, we want to be a role model for the culture of wellness and prevention, promoting personal responsibility in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The end result of these good habits are:

• Reduced Worker’s Compensation Days
• Reduced Absenteeism
• Improvement in Morale
• Reduced Disability
• Increased Productivity
• Social Responsibility
• Decreased Healthcare Cost
• Increased Healthy Lifestyle Awareness
• Improved Disease Management
• Healthier, happier employees…

All this translates into lower costs for employers and employees.

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