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Open enrollment ends December 15, 2018

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Over the past few years, the terms ‘Obamacare’, ‘Affordable Care Act,’ and ‘Marketplace’ have taken over the health insurance world. While all of these terms mean the same thing, there are now different ways of obtaining health insurance. Indeed, individuals are required to have health insurance coverage or risk being fined. Savage and Associates can help you make the best decision for you and your family.

What Savage can help you achieve

Savage and Associates advisors are available to help you determine the best plan for your needs. Our experience ensures that the process will be completed correctly while avoiding any potential delays. Using an advisor helps make certain that you sign up for a plan that fits within your budget and includes your doctors in its network. There is no additional fee for using an advisor, and your licensed professional will help you select the right plan for you, and assist with any future service questions or claim issues.
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Healthcare Enrollment

Our marketplace application checklist and disclosure is the first step in guiding you through the healthcare enrollment process. By completing this sheet prior to meeting with a Savage advisor, you will be ready for a  a discussion about your plan options.
The open enrollment period for 2019 coverage is November 1, 2018 – December 15, 2018. Some individuals might qualify for special enrollment periods outside of open enrollment.
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