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Ever wonder why some physicians become wealthy, while others struggle to save enough to retire? Turns out doctors do not always make good savers and investors.

In this White Paper, financial advisors Sean Savage and Tony Desch outline common missteps physicians make in saving, investing, and spending their well-earned money. Learning these mistakes will help you avoid making them and provide you with some groundwork for establishing a solid long-term financial plan.

For their part, veteran and retired physicians who have successfully built significant wealth may conclude there are benefits to receiving experienced wealth-management advice and having a well-planned retirement income distribution strategy.

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  • Why the time and financial sacrifice required to become a physician leaves doctors facing a late start on saving for retirement
  • How society’s expectations—and those of their higher-earning peers—pressure some physicians to spend beyond their means
  • Reasons why the average U.S. doctor expects to work far longer than workers in general
  • And much more

Download now, and avoid costly mistakes that could prevent you from achieving financial wellness.

Download: 7 Mistakes Even Financially Savvy Physicians Could Make

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