Wellness Coordinator Michelle Cleland joined the Savage and Associates team to build custom wellness programs designed to match the goals and needs of your modern workplace. Michelle teams with Savage advisors to deploy a combination of preventive, occupational, and environmental health initiatives. Those services include mini-screenings, nutrition counseling, and lunch and learns to encourage employees toward optimal health and performance. Michelle also produces a monthly newsletter full of excellent and timely information.

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Health and Wellness Expertise

Michelle Cleland, MPH, RD, LD, CDE, works with companies of all sizes to help them design, implement and evaluate employee wellness, health communication and education programs. She is a registered dietitian who completed her dietetic internship at the University of Michigan Health System. She received her undergraduate degree in dietetics at Bowling Green State University and her Masters in Public Health through the Northwest Ohio Consortium of Public Health. Her experience and interest focuses on lecturing in general nutrition for healthy living as well as dietary influences on health issues or concerns.

You may have experienced other employee wellness programs – or none at all – but our employee wellness programs seamlessly integrate health promotion activities, health risk assessments, bio-metric screenings and wellness interventions to optimize the health and performance of the workforce. Program elements are customized to employer objectives with targeted features focused on employee health and wellness. These programs can be fresh start-ups or tailored to enhance current wellness programs.

Getting Your Program Started

Take these steps to initiate a wellness program for your workplace:

  • Designate a Wellness Team.
  • Incorporate a representative from all departments/areas.
  • Determine wellness budget, based on a dollar amount per employee or a designated total.
  • Monthly meetings are helpful to keep interest and build a strong program.

Benefits to an Employee Wellness Program

Corporate wellness programs can help to minimize tension in the workplace, reduce absenteeism, improve employee’s morale and make the company more productive overall. Most importantly, a properly designed program may help the company reduce their overall plan costs. Our team can develop a tailored wellness program to specifically suit your organization’s culture, priorities and goals.

Our Wellness Services Offerings

Mini Screenings – Includes height, weight, BMI calculations, waist circumference, blood pressure,

Nutrition Counseling – One on one counseling session to assess and target specific health needs.

Lunch and Learns – Offering employees a chance to learn during the work day can increase participation in a wellness program covering topics such as:

  • Do you know how to DASH? • Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension
  • Simplify Nutrition • Are you overwhelmed with trying to eat healthy
  • Mealtime Toolkit • Techniques to help provide balanced family meals while decreasing stress at mealtime.
  • Diabetes Education and Prevention • Guidelines to help yourself or a family member better control their blood sugar.
  • Eat More, Weigh Less • Techniques to eat until full without added calories